Ulsan Free Economic Zone

Northeast Asia Energy Hub Ulsan Free Economic Zone


Ulsan Free Economic Zone

Ulsan Free Economic Zone
Northeast Asia Energy Hub Ulsan Free Economic Zone

In the Ulsan Free Economic Zone, more than 80 companies and organizations such as the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstration Center, Korea Institute of Energy Research, and UNIST are located in the Ulsan Free Economic Zone.

  • Designation Date2019.12.27
  • Development period2020 to 2025



Ulsan's excellent industrial infrastructure
  • Large enterprises centered on major industries such as automobiles, shipbuilding, and petrochemicals moved in
    *Large enterprises centered on major industries such as automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, etc.
  • Holding public institutions and research institutes related to the chemical and energy industry
    *Korea National Oil Corporation, Energy Economics Research Institute, Chemical Research Institute, Next Generation Hydrogen Convergence Technology Research Center, etc.
Establishment of infrastructure for innovative ecosystem of hydrogen (energy) industry
  • '2030 World's Best Hydrogen City' vision and 10 projects announced ('20.2.26.)
  • By-product hydrogen production 820,000 tons/year (50% nationwide)
  • Hydrogen piping network 130㎞ (60% nationwide), 10 hydrogen charging stations
  • Creation and operation of 140 households of the world's largest hydrogen town
Designated as a special economic zone in Ulsan
  • Hydrogen Green Mobility Regulatory Free Zone, Ulsan Jiangsu R&D Special Zone, Nuclear and Nuclear Power Plant Demolition Energy Industry Convergence and Complex Free Zone, etc.
Investment attraction R&D support organization
  • Next Generation Hydrogen Convergence Technology Research Center-Hydrogen Power Plant Technology R&D and Demonstration
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstration Center-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development and Demonstration
  • Korea Institute of Energy Research-Hydrogen fuel cell technology development
Possess an institution to nurture experts in energy field
  • Nurturing professional manpower by moving in energy education institutions such as UNIST, KINGS, and TP

Major projects

  • Hydrogen Industry Hub



    • LocationThe whole area of ​​Duwang-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan
    • Project cost3,736 billion
    • Business period2014 ~ 2018
    • Planned population16,777
    • Establish organizations for promotion and support of the hydrogen industry and expand the demonstration business for the hydrogen industry
    • Create a self-sufficient Ulsan Hydrogen City
  • Electrogen Auto Valley



    • LocationWhole area of ​​Jungsan-dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan
    • Project cost903 billion
    • Business period2013~ 2017
    • Planned population1,461
    • Establish the hydrogen automobile parts cluster by attracting hydrogen automobile parts producing anchor companies and other related companies
    • The demonstration business and inspection related to the hydrogen parts, and establish a cooperation system for parts production by creating a network with the adjacent automobile parts production industry comple
  • R&D Business Valley



    • LocationAll areas of Gacheon-ri, Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, etc.
    • Project cost7,465 billion
    • Business period2006~ 2023
    • Planned population224,752
    • Production of hydrogen fuel cell and R&D
    • MICE Industry (specialized in the industrial exhibitions)
    • Mid/long-term creation of the settlement environment

Major resident companies

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  • Tel 052-120
  • Investment ConsultationsInvestment Promotion Department 052-229-8672
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