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The groundbreaking ceremony of the 3rd landing bridge

  • writer Incheon (IFEZ)
    Date2022-01-14 Views145

On December 22, 2021 (Wednesday), IFEZ held a groundbreaking ceremony for the third continuous bridge construction. The 3rd landing bridge was constructed through a number of challenges such as an agreement with LH and Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation (October 2020) with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (December 2020) and an agreement with private operators (July to November 2021). The third bridge is 4.681km long and 30m wide, and is the only one among the three bridges connecting Cheongna International City and Yeongjong International City, including sidewalks and bicycle paths. The bidding method for the implementation design technology proposal will be applied to build an experience and tourism bridge that citizens can experience and enjoy, such as the world's highest 180m tower observatory, waterfront deck road, and night view.