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A land sales contract was signed for the construction of YMT Research Institute

  • writer Incheon (IFEZ)
    Date2022-01-14 Views132

On December 21, 2021 (Tuesday), IFEZ signed a land sales contract with YMT Co., Ltd. to build a research institute in Songdo International City. YMT Co., Ltd. plans to build a research institute for bio-research and development using electronic parts chemical materials and copper fabrics in Ks10-3 lots (210-6/area 9924.4㎡) in Songdo International City with a total project cost of 48.6 billion won, and is scheduled to be completed in 2024. YMT Co., Ltd. is a KOSDAQ-listed company that develops PCB surface-treated chemical materials that are essential for mobile phones and tablets. YMT's products are used for Apple and Samsung's mobile phones and tablets, and electric vehicles of Tesla and BYD in China.