Gyeonggi Free Economic Zone

A hub of innovative growth of new industries in the future


Gyeonggi Free Economic Zone

A hub of innovative growth of new industries in the future

The Gyeonggi Free Economic Zone (GGFEZ), located at the center of the West Coast Economic Belt, consists of three districts—the Pyeongtaek-Poseung (BIX) District for high-tech, logistics, and distribution industries, the Hyeondeok District, and the Siheung-Baegot District for the research and development of unmanned land/sea/air vehicles.

  • Designation Date2008.5.6
  • Development period2008 to 2027



Largest knowledge-based manufacturing cluster in Korea
  • The zone has a manufacturing cluster where Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and LG Display operations are located.
  • More than 300 global conglomerates are located in the area. They include 3M, Siemens, Sony and Bosch.
  • The area’s IT, semiconductor, mechatronics and parts businesses account for about 40 percent of Korea’s knowledge-based manufacturing.
Forward base for exports to China and Northeast Asia
  • The zone has the fastest access to China’s coastal industrial economic belt.
  • It is close to Pyeongtaek port equipped with 62 berths which is directly connected to major ports in China and Japan.
    • The Pyeontaek port’s number of berths is to be raised to 79 by 2020.
    • The zone has exclusive docks for automobiles, steel and container ships. It also can constantly handle international passenger ships.
Excellent proximity and investment environment
  • It is connected to major highways and high speed KTX railway.
  • Incheon International Airport and Chungju Airport are within two hours’ journey of Northeast Asia’s major cities.
  • It is near the enormous market of Seoul metropolitan areas and rich human resources.
Korea-China Business Valley
  • The zone will develop the area into a hub for exchanges with China in commerce, tourism, medical services and housing through investment by Chinese capital.
  • It will offer multi-purpose facilities for international business, vacation and culture.

Gyeonggi Free Economic Zone Major projects

  • Poseung (BIX) District,

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    • LocationHeegok-ri, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • Project cost7,702 billion
    • Business period2008 ~ 2020
    • Planned population3,482
    • Create an eco-friendly future automobile cluster by attracting materials, parts, equipment, and other related industries
    • Plan to focus on attracting the vendors related to the electric motor vehicle
  • Hyeonduk District,

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    • Location Jangsu-ri and Kwongwan-ri,Hyeondeok-myeon,and Sinyeong-ri, Poseungeup Pyeongtaek-si.
    • Project cost7,500 billion
    • Business period2008 ~ 2021
    • Planned population 25,314
    • Next Steps Designating an Implementer
    • Plan for promoting as the hub for domestic smart distribution and the hydrogen economy
    • Establish a business model that utilized the geographical advantage (Pyeongtaek Harbor, Korea’s largest exportation and importation harbor, LNG stopping point, etc.)
  • Baegot, District, Siheung

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    • LocationBaegot-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • Project cost16,681 billion
    • Business period2020 ~ 2027
    • Planned population 56,000
    • Create a research innovation ecosystem in land, sea, and air unmanned vehicle and medical · biofields
    • Automatic driving, artificial intelligence, sensor, controlling technology, operation program, communication, etc.

Major resident companies

  • Hyundai Mobis

    [Korea]Hyundai Mobis Electric Vehicle Parts
  • Kendall Square

    [Korea]Kendall Square Logistics
  • IKEA Korea

    [Korea]IKEA Korea Logistics
  • Sumifuru

    [Singapore]Sumifuru Logistics
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

    [Korea]Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Shipbuilding Technology Research
  • Future Mobility Technology Center(FMTC)

    [Korea]Future Mobility Technology Center(FMTC) Autonomous Vehicle Research

Contact point

  • Tel 031-8008-8615
  • Investment consultation +82 31-8008-8633, +82 31-8008-8635
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