Gangwon Free Economic Zone

Luxury tourism industry and hydrogen/high-tech materials industry Northeast Asian economic hub



Luxury tourism industry and hydrogen/high-tech materials industry Northeast Asian economic hub

The Gangwon Free Economic Zone (EFEZ) is a special economic zone designed to establish the Gangwon of Gangwon-do as a Pan-East Sea economic hub by promoting global tourism and leisure industries and by developing an international logistics business complex and international city.

  • Designation Date2013.2.4
  • Development period2013 to 2024



Base for tourism and vacation in Northeast Asia
  • The area will host the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
  • It attracted 100 million tourists and generated tourism income of 2.7 trillion won in 2013.
  • Thanks to abundant tourism resources, it became the most preferred tourist area in Korea for eight consecutive years.
Logistics hub of Pan-East Sea region
  • It is a logistics hub, connecting to Sakaiminato in Japan, Vladivostok in Russia and Dongbei in China.
  • The population of the East Sea economic region is estimated to be 306 million.
  • Convenient transportation and logistics infrastructure, including roads, railways, airports, and ports
Optimal location for hydrogen energy and advanced materials and components specialized industries
  • Designated as a Liquefied Hydrogen Regulation-Free Special Zone (2020)
  • Technology development for hydrogen city infrastructure * Korea East-West Power P2G (Power to Gas) R&D Demonstration Complex
  • Ideal location for advanced materials industry utilizing abundant non-ferrous metal resources
  • Optimal industrial infrastructure such as global anchor companies, R&D facilities, and nearby industrial complexes

Gangwon Free Economic Zone Major projects

  • Bukpyeong high-tech parts
    multifunctional industrial

    Detail view


    • LocationGuho-dong, Donghae-si
    • Project cost17.6 billion
    • Business period2013 ~ 2024

    Development plan

    • As the stopping point of the cutting-edge parts global anchor company and hydrogen industry, attract the related companies, such as the companies that utilized the demonstration exemption for the special zone of deregulation
  • Mangsang International
    Multifunctional Tour City

    Detail view


    • LocationMangsang-dong, Donghae-si
    • Project cost8,269 billion
    • Business period2013 ~ 2024
    • Planned Population23,617

    Development plan

    • Establish the base including resort complex, characterized universities, foreign educational organizations, residential areas, commercial areas, etc.
  • Okgye high-tech material ·
    parts convergence and
    integration complex

    Detail view


    • LocationThe whole area of ​​Okgye-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
    • Project cost574 billion
    • Business period2013 ~ 2024
    • Attract the companies related to the cutting-edge materials and components such as special aluminum, etc., and promote the nonferrous metal cluster through the connection with the adjacent R&D organizations

Major resident companies

  • Dongbu Metal

    [Korea]Dongbu Metal ferromanganese production
  • LS Cable & System

    [Korea]LS Cable & System submarine cable

    [Korea]POSCO refining magnesium

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  • Investment consultation033-539-7655, 033-539-7665
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