KFEZ Living Environment

Experience the convenience and pleasure of life
in the KFEZs
by coming with your successful business.

Environment for international education

The KFEZs have already invited internationally renowned universities, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, offering high-quality international education services. Educational institutes in the IFEZ include the international campuses of New York State University, George Mason University, the University of Utah of U.S, and Ghent University of Belgium. Those in the BJFEZ include Germany’s FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

State-of-the-art medical services

The quality of Korea’s advanced medical system is proven by the increasing number of foreign travelers visiting Korea for medical tourism. Every residential area has its own small and medium-sized hospitals and pharmacies. General hospitals where foreign patients do not face communication barriers are located across the nation. The KFEZs are striving to establish foreign for-profit hospitals and a cluster of foreign medical institutions combined with hotels, condominiums and therapeutic spas for more advanced medical services.

Upscale cultural infrastructure

The KFEZs have mega-sized theme parks, marine-tourism facilities, large shopping malls and golf courses adjacent to residential areas to ensure a healthy and happy life. Theaters and performance facilities offer not only world famous performances but also Korean culture. Enjoy a culturally abundant life in the pleasant living and business environment of the KFEZs.

Support for education, medical services and others

The KFEZs provide education, medical support for employees at the resident foreign-invested companies.