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Daegu-Gyeongbuk (DGFEZ)   |  The DGFEZ awarded the highest rating in assessment of the seven free economic zones nationwide

The government’s FEZ Performance Assessment showed that the DGFEZ (Commissioner Lee Inseon) achieved an S rating (the highest grade)
for the first time in the history of the FEZ Performance Assessment. 

  - The FEZ Performance Assessment was introduced in 2010 and is carried out every year by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on all of the nationwide free economic zones.
This initiative evaluates the results of all work by the free economic zones in the previous year. 

  - The assessment committee of sixteen private sector experts performed document review, on-site inspection, and the main assessment (in this order) between February and June 2019,
looking at fourteen assessments in two broad areas. The assessments covered organizational operations, leadership of the commissioner, development project and investment attraction strategy,
attraction of investment by foreign and domestic companies, the number of jobs in tenant companies, and others.

In this assessment, the DGFEZ obtained an S rating in a total of eight assessments that evaluated the vision and core values of the organization, including development strategy,
commissioner leadership, development project strategy, etc., and was awarded the top grade in the general evaluation.

DGFEZ Commissioner Lee Inseon explained, “Based on general guidelines of the Second FEZ Master Plan of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy,
we drew up mid-to-long-term development strategies in advance that included meaningful innovative growth approaches that will let us take a leadership position in fourth-generation industrial innovation.

Furthermore, we have continuously pursued general support policies that meet the needs of companies for joint investments by providing export consultations and investment briefings.
Those seem to be the factors on which the positive assessment was based.

The Commissioner also explained, “We will not rest on this achievement. Rather, we will accelerate our efforts based on a site-focused approach to develop the industries of the district,
accelerate district development based on company demand, and upgrade our support policies to tenant companies
n order to develop as a global innovation-growth platform that attracts global anchor companies and research and investment firms.