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Yellow Sea (YESFEZ)   |  Smart City to be Introduced in Pyeongtaek Poseung District (BIX)

YESFEZ has decided to introduce a smart city to enhance the competitiveness of Pyeongtaek Poseung District (BIX).
On June 3, YESFEZ announced plans to launch 24-hour traffic, crime and disaster prevention services through real-time communication
with Pyeongtaek’s Smart Integrated Control Center, built on the latest ICT and broadband communication network.
The smart city development project of Pyeongtaek Poseung District (BIX) aims to create a smart city in a new district of at least 300,000 ㎡
in accordance with the Act on Smart City Development and Industrial Promotion.
In consideration of the expandability of communication facilities, the upcoming smart city will be powered by a dense network, and offer various services,
including: ▲public transportation information BIT ▲enforcement against parking violations, ▲public area monitoring, ▲disaster CCTV ▲traffic control, and ▲emergency detection.
First, information terminals will be installed at 36 bus stops to provide real-time information on bus arrivals, and electronic signboards (VMS) will display
real-time traffic information of nearby areas. Signal controllers will be installed at 14 intersections, and CCTV cameras at major four-way intersections to monitor traffic in real-time.
More than 26 CCTV cameras will be installed at roadsides, residential areas and parks to prevent crime. In case of emergency,
footage will be automatically sent to the Pyeongtaek Smart Integrated Control Center, allowing rapid response by 112 and 119.
Washlands with a higher possibility of disasters will also be equipped with CCTV cameras for disaster prevention and safety enforcement.
Hwang Seong-tae, commissioner of YESFEZ, said, “By using ubiquitous technology to provide advanced services, the new smart city will redefine the industrial complex,
expanding it from a manufacturing base to a safe, pleasant housing area for workers.” He added, “I will continue to do my best for YESFEZ to play a leading role in the fourth industrial revolution.”