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Daegu-Gyeongbuk (DGFEZ)   |  Investment Environment Forum and District Tour Held for Kyushu Japan-Korea Economic Exchange Council

On May 23, Inseon Lee, commissioner of DGFEZ, held an investment environment forum and district tour for more than
20 business members of the Kyushu Japan-Korea Economic Exchange Council (chairman Shinohara, chairperson of Daiichi Shisetsu).

Established as a private organization in 2010, the Council promotes mutual exchange between Korean and Japanese businesses.
Today, it has 33 member companies, and makes annual visits to Korea for economic exchange.

The investment environment forum (DGFEZ, conference room) introduced the investment environment of Gyeongsan Intelligent Industry District, Pohang Fusion Technology District,
and Suseong Medical District, which specializes in construction and medical materials, bioenergy, and IT/software-based intelligent medical services, respectively.