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Chungbuk (CBFEZ)   |  [CBFEZ] Double Their Efforts to Attract Foreign Investments.

- Prepare Diverse Attraction of Foreign Investments Using Invest Korea Week 2017 –

Chungbuk Free Economic Zone Authority will double their efforts to attract foreign investments using the Invest Korea Week 2017
hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and organized by the KOTRA on November 7 (Tue) – 9 (Thu).

On the 7th (Tue), at the “KFEZ Night” event, in which more than 200 people will be participating including the 7 Free Economic Zone
Authorities throughout the country, investors visiting Korea, and organizations related to foreign investments, CBFEZ Authority will share
the major investment attraction projects to build a network.

On the 8th (Wed) and 9th (Thu), CBFEZ Authority will actively seek to find potential investors through 1:1 business meetings between
foreign investment companies and investors visiting Korea, and promotion booths will be operated on both days to increase interests
on the Chungbuk Free Economic Zone.

In particular, on the 9th (Thu), an industrial inspection of the CBFEZ by about 20 investors visiting Korea is planned, who will visit Osong
Bio Valley District and Osong Biomedical District (1.13㎢), Osong Biopolis District (3.28㎢) → 4.41㎢ as well as Cheongju Aeropolis District
Cheongju Aeropolis Sector 1 (0.15㎢), and Cheongju Aeropolis Sector 2 (0.32㎢) → 0.47㎢ and deliver vividly the outstanding investment
conditions of CBFEZ.

Meanwhile, CBFEZ Authority  will also participate in the 2017 Foreign Company Day held on the 7th, to identify the investment trends such
as business expansion plans by the foreign companies in Korea, to devote themselves on attracting foreign investments within this year
reaching out to Beijing, Shanghai, and Japan.