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Gwangyang Bay Area (GFEZ)   |  [GFEZ] Efforts in South-Central Region of China to Attract Investment to South Korea

Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone’s staff arrived in China on September 14 for seven days of meetings in Zhengzhou,
Henan; Hefei, Anhui; and Shenzhen, Guangdong. They encouraged businesses in these three major cities in south-central
China to make investments taking advantage of South Korea’s network of free trade agreements.

In particular, in cooperation with the Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority, GFEZ focused at the investor briefing in Hefei, Anhui
province for around twenty agricultural product companies on promoting and discussing investment in construction of a
South Korea–China–Japan cold-chain hub within the Gwangyang Bay area. As a result, investment MOUs for $16 million
were signed with two companies, Wah Yuen Foods and Guiwang Qingzhen.