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Daegu-Gyeongbuk (DGFEZ)   |  [DGFEZ] Inauguration of Ms. Inseon Lee, the 4th President

All-out Efforts for Investment Inducement! Will Contribute to Vitalization of the Local Economy!
Inauguration of Mr. Inseon Lee, the 4th President of DGFEZ!

On October 27, 2017, Ms. Inseon Lee was inaugurated as the 4th President of DGFEZ and took his first step to invigorate the local economy.
In his inauguration speech, Ms. Lee said, “By exerting my experience as a college professor, head of a research center, and a Vice Governor of Economy,
I will use everything I have so that DGFEZ would invigorate the local economy,” showing a strong commitment to contribute to the local economic development. 
Ms. Lee cancelled many events on his first day, including his own inauguration ceremony, and received operation briefings, before he rushed out to visit field
facilities and cooperating organizations, in order to minimize the aftermath of the leadership vacuum over the past three months and practiced ‘hand-on
administration’ herself.
In addition, he asked the employees of his organization to do their duties and responsibilities in order to create jobs in the area, emphasizing that DGFEZ is
a symbolic organization of co-prosperity and cooperation in the region that can create good jobs and invigorate the local economy. 
Ms. Lee added, “In order to find a solution for the ever-slowing economy of the city, it is imperative to draw companies into the city. And, in order to induce
investments from foreign companies with impacts, it is necessary to provide dramatic incentives based on the contributions, including supporting of the land,
taxes and other supports,” presenting the direction of his policies. Also, he disclosed his plan to “give everything I have got to provide a new driving force for
leading the development of the city and the country with a realizable roadmap and clear goals, working together with the employees as a team for the next
three years.”