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Chungbuk (CBFEZ)   |  [CBFEZ] Appoints 32 People for the 4th Advisory Group of the Chungbuk Aviation Industry

For the Leap and Advancement of Chungbuk Aviation Industry centered on Cheongju Aeropolis,
the 4th Advisory Group of the Chungbuk Aviation Industry was Appointed and the Advisory Council was Held 

Chungbuk Free Economic Zone Authority (“CBfez”, Commissioner Jung Hyo-jin) awarded letter of appointment to the 32 advisory committee
members newly appointed for the 4th Advisory Group of the Chungbuk Aviation Industry at the Osong C&V Center on the 24th, October. 

CBfez announced that the advisory group formed this time is composed of respected experts who are equipped with broad minded views,
experience, and knowledge in various fields including aviation maintenance, aerospace manufacturing, aviation logistics, and munitions, and
also announced that this group has been formed of 14 newly appointed members, which accounts for about 43% of total advisory group, and
18 reappointed members. 

In the future, the Advisory Group of the Chungbuk Aviation Industry will perform policy advices on progress directions, strategies, and attracting
enterprises for the aviation industry in the Aeropolis District based on the experiences and knowledge accumulated up to now, to build a
Chungbuk Aviation Industry Cluster centered on Aeropolis District. 

In the Aviation Industry Political Advisory Council held afterwards, CBfez explained about the aviation industry implementation status in the
Aeropolis, and comprehensive discussions on the developmental measures of the Aeropolis were conducted. 

In particular, various opinions were proposed for the successful implementation of the aviation industry, which would lead the future development
of Chungbuk, including the implementation directions and the strategies of the Aeropolis in connection with the Cheongju International Airport. 

Commissioner Jung Hyo-jin, in his welcome address, said, “I rate highly the roles of Advisory Groups so far and how they had contributed to the
development of Chungbuk aviation industry, and request an active interest and participation by the 4th Advisory Group.” 

In the aviation industry, Aero K, a low cost carrier based on Cheongju International Airport, is waiting to be launched, and 14 companies have been
secured to move into the Aeropolis Sector 2. As such, the time is ripe for the development of Chungbuk aviation industry, and it is judged to be
very meaningful and timely that the advisory group, composed of aviation experts, is being launched. 

CBfez will actively work toward the Aeropolis becoming the aviation industry cluster of Northeast Asia, by actively reviewing and accepting various
ideas and political alternatives that could raise the competitiveness of Chungbuk aviation industry through the advisory committee workshops,
meetings, and conferences in connection with domestic and foreign experts.