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Daegu-Gyeongbuk (DGFEZ)   |  [DGFEZ] Susung Medical District Starts off its Inducement Rally for Foreign Investment

 70 billion won foreign investment (9 million dollars in FDI) from Smart Factories, automobile ADAS product
research facilities, and high-function esthetic products research center in Susung Medical District, to create 1
00 research jobs for the young job seekers

Daegu FEZ started off the inducement of the foreign direct investment companies in the knowledge-based industry land lots in Susung Medical District.
For this Susung Medical District (located in Daehong-dong, Susung-gu), the City of Daegu (Mayor Yeongjin Gwon) and the President of Daegu and
Kyeongbuk Free Economic Zone (President Geonwoo Doh) sign MOUs in the situation room of the Daegu City Hall (2
nd floor), with MRInnovation
(CEO Hyohyun Kim), an FDI Company, and Auto IT, a capital area company located in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (CEO Myeonghwan Cho,) and a FDI
company named AIMT Co., Ltd. (CEO Seunghoon Gal) in the technopolis area, on July 11 (Tue), 14:00.

  • Susung Medical District is located in Daehong-dong, Susung-gu, in an area of 199,768m2 (around 60,430 pyeong) (medical facilities 2,810m2, knowledge-
  • based industry 116,958m2), for which the foundation works for an accommodation-type medical tourism complex and a SW convergence industry cluster is
  • to be completed in the second half of 2017. As for the status of the sale of the land lots, the 257 lots out of 262 lots for the logistics and retail facilities,
  • neighborhood life facilities, and detached house land lots have been sold, while 29 industrial complex land lots have been sold out of a total of 76.
  • The remaining land lots are reserved to induce FDI companies, companies from other regions, anchor companies, and government-funded facilities, etc.
  • MRInnovation Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyohyun Kim) is a company that develops high-functionality bio insecticide technology and high-functionality esthetic products,
  • which are exported to China, Peru, and South-Eastern Asia. The company was certified as a Venture Company, and a Promising Exporter in 2014 and
  • selected as an IP Star Company in 2015. After signing this agreement, the company is planning to relocate its R&D Center and the HQ into Susung Medical
  • District with a 5-million-dollar investment from Vegalab SA, the HQ in Swiss.
  • Auto IT Co., Ltd. an automobile part company located in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, is a company that has the embedded system technology and the video processing
  • technology. The company has formed a collaborative relationship with a part company for smart cars located near Daegu. And as the company moves to Susung
  • Medical District, it is expected to growth in parallel with the local company.
  • The inducement this time is in fact an inducement kick-off ceremony marking the first FDI and capital-area companies into Susung Medical District. As the HQ and
  • the R&D Centers of the companies are relocated into Susung Medical District, this move will create more jobs to the young research workers in the region. And, through
  • the cooperation with the smart car companies (Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers) located near Daegu, they are expected to play the pivotal role in the development of the
  • development of future industries in Daegu.
  • Daegu Technopolis is located in Hyunpoong and Yooga-myeon, Dalsung-gun (Area: 7,261,000m2), of which the foundation work was completed in 2016. This futuristic,
  • advanced and scientific city of free economic zone has 112,200m2 reserved for inducing foreign direct investment companies, over five land lots.
  • AIMT Co., Ltd. (CEO: Seunghoon Gal) which is moving into Technopolis is a spin-off from Samsung Electronics founded in 2016 and a former tenant of the C-LAB. The
  • technical capabilities and skills of the company are well recognized in the field of vacuum heat insulation materials, both from South Korean and foreign customers. This
  • young company, which moves in after being injected with a 3.6 million-dollar investment from a famous German company shows a great potential for growth. The company
    - 70 billion won foreign investment (9 million dollars in FDI) from Smart Factories, automobile ADAS product research facilities, and high-function esthetic products research
  • center in Susung Medical District, to create 100 research jobs for the young job seekers –plans to build its factory in the second half of this year over a site of 2,000 pyeong,
  • creating more than 100 jobs.
  • The Free Economic Zone and the City of Daegu agreed to provide active supports to the companies that move into the area, so that they can cooperate with the local
  • companies, while providing one-stop supports from the kick-off of the HQ and R&D center building constructions to move-in phase, making success stories of investment
  • inducement. Also, they plan to continue their efforts in all directions to encourage these companies to invest even more.