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Yellow Sea

Yellow Sea
Free Economic Zone

High-tech Industrial Cluster in the Yellow Sea Region

High-tech Industrial Cluster in the Yellow Sea Region

The YESFEZ is close to Pyeongtaek port, a Northeast Asian logistics hub, which is directly connected to major ports in China. The area is being developed as a forward base for exports to China and a knowledge-creating special zone. It has an advanced technology-based industrial cluster that is home to 3,350 global companies and automobile-related firms.
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Development period  |  
2008 to 2020


Largest knowledge-based manufacturing cluster in Korea
  • The zone has a manufacturing cluster where Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and LG Display operations are located.
  • More than 300 global conglomerates are located in the area. They include 3M, Siemens, Sony and Bosch.
  • The area’s IT, semiconductor, mechatronics and parts businesses account for about 40 percent of Korea’s knowledge-based manufacturing.
Forward base for exports to China and Northeast Asia
  • The zone has the fastest access to China’s coastal industrial economic belt.
  • It is close to Pyeongtaek port equipped with 62 berths which is directly connected to major ports in China and Japan.
    • The Pyeontaek port’s number of berths is to be raised to 79 by 2020.
    • The zone has exclusive docks for automobiles, steel and container ships. It also can constantly handle international passenger ships.
Excellent proximity and investment environment
  • It is connected to major highways and high speed KTX railway.
  • Incheon International Airport and Chungju Airport are within two hours’ journey of Northeast Asia’s major cities.
  • It is near the enormous market of Seoul metropolitan areas and rich human resources.
Korea-China Business Valley
  • The zone will develop the area into a hub for exchanges with China in commerce, tourism, medical services and housing through investment by Chinese capital.
  • It will offer multi-purpose facilities for international business, vacation and culture.

Major projects

Major resident companies

Samsung Electronics  |  Korea
- Electronics, semiconductor

LG Innotek  |  Korea
- Materials and components

SONY  |  Japan
- Electronics

ENC. Inc  |  U.S.
- Logistics

Mitsubishi Motors  |  Japan
- Automobile


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