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Free Economic Zone

Forward Base for the Continent and the Ocean

Forward Base for the Continent and the Ocean

The SGFEZ has been developed, driven by the government, to nurture future-oriented new industries and international maritime tourism and leisure industries. It is an area for Korea-China economic cooperation and a center of the renewable energy industry. The area has extensive state-owned land, offering the best place for investment without any hassle or regulations.
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Development period  |  
2008 to 2020


Specialized zone for transnational economic cooperation
  • The area has been designated as the Korea-China economic cooperation zone, following up on the free trade agreement between the two countries.
  • It is a bonded area where export and import tariffs on designated materials are exempted.
  • With extensive, non-regulated land, it is the optimal place for attracting local and foreign investment.
Korea’s hub of renewable energy
  • It is designated as the port hinterland for the offshore wind power industry in the Seohaean area.
  • Leading companies in renewable energy such as OCI, Toray Advanced Materials Korea and Solvay Korea are located in the zone.
Geographical competitiveness
  • The zone can be reached from 60 cities that have more than 1 million people within three hours.
  • It offers convenient transportation connecting to Incheon International Airport in 2 1/2 hours and Seoul in 2 hours. It also has favorable living environment for foreigners.
  • It is at the heart of the Seohaean industrial belt linking Dangsin, Gunsan, Muan and Daebul.
  • It is also at the center of the Seohaean tourism belt linking Taean, Anmyeondo, Byeonsanbando, Shinan and Mokpo.

Major projects

Major resident companies

OCI  |  Korea
- Industrial chemistry

Toray Advanced Materials Korea  |  Japan
- Film, non-woven fabric, resin

Solvay Korea  |  Korea
- HDS manufacturing for green tires


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