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Free Economic Zone

Gateway to Korea Wide Open to the World

Gateway to Korea Wide Open to the World

Incheon is turning itself into the business hub of Northeast Asia. The city has a well-established transportation network including Incheon International Airport -- which was ranked first in airport service quality by the Airports Council for 10 consecutive years -- Incheon port and the international business complex. Boasting a highly effective business environment, the IFEZ offers almost everything from logistics and medical services to education and cutting-edge industries.
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2003 to 2022


Business hub that international organizations and companies chose
  • The thirteen international organizations located in Incheon include the World Bank, the Green Climate Fund, and the Association of World Election Bodies.
  • 75 multinational companies from 15 countries have set up in Incheon, including Samsung BioLogics, Celltrion, Boeing, BMW and GM.
The most attractive city to enter East Asian market
  • Incheon has a geographical advantage in Chinese market access due to its close proximity to major cities in China including Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Incheon is within a 3 hour flight of 61 mega cities with more than 1 million population.
Center of logistics and transportation
  • Incheon International Airport, a Northeast Asian hub, was ranked first in airport service quality by the Airports Council for 10 straight years.
  • Incheon is a state-of-the-art port that can handle 12,000-TEU mega cargo ships.
  • The transportation network connects Incheon to Seoul and the metropolitan area within one hour.
Best living environment for quality life
  • Incheon is a city based on ubiquitous internet connectivity, where eco-friendliness and convenience coexist.
  • The city offers prestigious education services through renowned schools including New York State University, George Mason University and Ghent University of Belgium.
  • Incheon has various cultural festivals and tourism and leisure facilities.

Major projects

Major resident companies

Celltrion Inc.  |  U.S.
- Biopharmaceuticals manufacturing and research

GM Korea  |  U.S.
- CTT and R&D

Amkor Technology Korea  |  U.S.
- Manufacturing facilities and R&D center for next-generation semiconductor packaging

CJ Systems  |  Korea
- Global R&D Center


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